Agile Decision Making Framework | ADM Framework


To start applying simple parts right away

To guide colleagues, experts, managers, and executives to hidden root causes and existing solutions

In the age of partial solutions: To get a sense of how an integral or holistic approach may need to look like


Online Workshop, 2 * 2 hours


What you should bring in: experience in larger organisations, with initiatives, projects, or innovations.




To deepen the Essentials

To learn about a rather unknown workshop method for the identification of integral, respectively holistic solutions; includes practices to drastically reduce the risks of specific projects: enhanced Goal Oriented Project Planning – eGOPP)

An introduction to an integral, core solution for topics such as internal communication, agility across departments, internal strategy execution, innovation, and structural coaching: Guided Self-OrganisationTM – as much freedom as possible, as much guidance and direction as necessary.


Online Workshop, 2 * 4 hours

For experts, managers, project managers and executives


Needed: ADMF-Essentials workshop




Tailored to your project, company, or public services organisation 

The Essentials and Advanced workshops 

Facilitation of eGOPP workshops for specific projects and Guided Self-Organisation


Please contact us with a short description of your situation or challenge