ADM Framework

Lowest-Effort/Highest-Impact Solutions to Enable Agile Decision Making at All Levels

Interactive webinars and workshops

Available on request

With the arrival of the Corona virus, we have seen agile decision making at the highest levels. It resulted in decisions that made sense; new laws passing parliaments within days and lost trust in our leaders being restored in no time. In turn, this tells us how we can booster accelerate innovative solutions of high and highest impact for all sorts of tough matters and for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): By enabling Agile Decision Making (ADM) for all levels. The question to answer is now this: How can we enable Agile Decision Making at all levels? 

An agile approach, with focus on lowest effort yet highest impact at the system level, provided what we call the ADM Framework. Only five lowest-effort/highest-impact elements enable Agile Decision Making.  

Why attend

During this webinar or workshop, you learn how Agile Decision Making can be made to happen at all levels. Afterwards, you will be able to apply some of the practices right away. In addition, hidden root causes of high(est)-impact problems and low(est)-effort/high(est)-impact solutions will enable you to guide your organisation to effective solutions. 

The five elements of the ADM Framework:

  • A simple solution removing the unnecessary bureaucracy/complexity: As there is a single root cause of highest impact to this, it’s a pretty safe route to follow.
  • Phenomena: A reliable source for making better decisions in complex environments.
  • A high-speed innovation track for high(est)-impact solutions1.
  • Enhanced Goal-Oriented Project Planning (eGOPP): A ‘simple’ method to reduce project and innovation failure rates drastically.
  • Guided Self-OrganizationTM  1:
    • As much freedom as possible, as much guidance and direction as needed. 
    • Natural process flows over linear processes.
    • The high(est)-impact practices, guidance and intelligence for making agile decisions.
    • Keeping the traditional practices where they provide the better value.

1 Optional: depending on your needs versus available time

Who should attend

  • Government officials, strategists, (senior) managers/executives and advisors in influential positions.
  • Innovators, entrepreneurs and project managers/owners wanting to improve success rates drastically.
  • Representatives of knowledge institutes such as universities and advisory bodies.


Languages: English, Dutch or German


  • Interactive Webinar: 90 minutes plus 30 minutes extended discussion for those who want to stay
  • 4 or 7 hours workshop, inclusief the brainstorming of initial steps to start implementation in your organisation