Eugen Oetringer

At the once prospering IT-services company EDS, Mr. Oetringer experienced first-hand how an agile culture, with focus on happy clients, natural process flows and solving tough problems at their root causes, made the company grow from 30.000 to 100.000 employees. Thereafter, he witnessed how compliance with best practices and their linear processes became more important than solving tough matters at their root causes and keeping clients happy. When the company turned into a troubled one, he became one of a few employees re-applying the practices of the old culture. These practices turned out to work amazingly well, especially in the fields of services and with highly complex challenges. Sadly, the compliance pressures with best practices became overwhelming. Eventually, EDS was taken over.

Achievements from re-applying the lost practice of the EDS culture and from filling some gaps:

  • Main inventor and leading positions for making agile decision-making work with 30.000 employees through Guided Self-OrganizationTM (published as The (IT) Strategy Management Process)
  • Identification of the root cause of crippling bureaucracy and overwhelming complexity; this showing the path to the simple solution
  • A patented and truly brain-based algorithm for artificial intelligence
  • For seven different health matters in his family; after the responses of health services were along the line of “we are sorry, we cannot help you further. You have to learn to live with it.”: Finding existing treatments that delivered the needed results for all these matters. 

It turned out that the guidance for finding the effective treatment for ADHD (daily emotional outbursts down to one in 10 years) and Dyslexia (learning to read within six weeks) came from the same phenomena that were at the centre of getting the Corona outbreak under control.