ADM Framework

Enabling Agile Decision Making for all Levels

Lowest-Effort / 


Root Cause Treatment over Symptom Treatment

Executable Solutions

A simple question you can ask to get people on board and to prevent falling back into old habits: see video [1:59]

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The Agile Decision Making FrameworkTM/ ADMFTM

Only five lowest-effort/highest-impact elements for:

  • Agile Decision Making at all levels.
  • A smooth , quick and lasting transformation.
  • Far-reaching spin-off effects in all sorts of areas.

Subtitles: English | deutsch | Nederlands

Getting Started: Interactive Webinars and Workshops

The five lowest-effort/highest-impact elements to enable Agile Decision Making at all levels

Interactive webinars (introduction) and workshops

ADM Framework: An Introduction

Further Services

Our services for a quick yet smooth transformation to Agile Decision Making at all levels involve:

During our start-up phase

  • Introduction webinars
  • Tailored in-house/remote education, training and coaching.
  • Certifications for ADMF Knowledge ProfessionalTM, ADMF PractitionerTM and ADMF MasterTM.
  • Associated innovation, consulting and implementation support services.

General roll-out phase

  • An online navigation system to quickly find the high(est) impact solutions/innovations
  • Generally available education, training and coaching
  • Certification