A prospering future by enabling a drastical accelerating innovative solutions of high- and highest-impact

Our Free Contributions for Improvement Initiatives in Organizations and Beyond

The SDGs of the United Nations bring many initiatives under one umbrella. 

Selected videos

What Would Einstein, Newton and Darwin Do? 
What they would do differs from how we go about tough matters today. 
A High-Speed Innovation Track for High-Impact Innovations 
How We Can Make Root Cause Treatment Work Again

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Tough matters need to be solved: From a crippling bureaucracy, high project failure rates and burnouts to growing hate and social unrest. For matters such as climate change, human kind cannot afford missing the deadlines set by nature.  

For about two decades, we have been trying to solve these matters: Yet, progress remains painfully slow. What remains to have little attention are the available solutions of high- and highest-impact for most of these matters. It appears, the higher their impact, the quicker they get stuck in mountains of obstacles. 

Eight Root Causes – Five Solution Possibilities

White Paper

Then Came Corona

All of a sudden and in various countries, we saw lightning speed, agile decisions at the highest levels. Results were:

  • Decisions that made sense.
  • New laws passing parliaments within days.
  • Lost trust in our leaders being restored in no time.

In turn, this leads to a highest-impact possibility for both, the tough matters and the Sustainable Development Goals:

This Initiative

Developed from the hands-on experiences of innovative solutions.

From innovators, entrepreneurs, and out-of-the-box thinkers.

1. Priority

2. Building on the Agile Practices We Have Seen

A simple question you can ask to get people on board and to prevent falling back into old habits: see video [1:59]

Subtitles: English | deutsch | Nederlands

3. The Agile Decision Making FrameworkTM/ ADMFTM

Only five lowest-effort/highest-impact elements for:

  • Agile Decision Making at all levels.
  • A smooth , quick and lasting transformation.
  • Far-reaching spin-off effects in all sorts of areas.

Subtitles: English | deutsch | Nederlands

Getting Started: Interactive Webinars and Workshops

The five lowest-effort/highest-impact elements to enable Agile Decision Making at all levels

Interactive webinars (introduction) and workshops

ADM Framework: An Introduction


Our services for a quick yet smooth transformation to Agile Decision Making at all levels involve:

During our start-up phase

  • Introduction webinars
  • Tailored in-house/remote education, training and coaching.
  • Certifications for ADMF Knowledge ProfessionalTM, ADMF PractitionerTM and ADMF MasterTM.
  • Associated innovation, consulting and implementation support services.

General roll-out phase

  • An online navigation system to quickly find the high(est) impact solutions/innovations
  • Generally available education, training and coaching
  • Certification