Navigating Straight to High-Impact Solutions 

In Complex and Dynamic Environments

Learning up to 5 of the Top 10 Skills of 2025 on the fly
Analytical thinking and innovation​
Complex problem-solving
Critical thinking and analysis
Creativity, originality and initiative
Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation

Business Challenges | Sustainability Challenges

Innovation, Ideas, Goals, Performance, Success, SDG-impact

On the one hand, pressing business needs 

On the other hand, a crippling bureaucracy, high project failure rates and declining competitiveness

On the one hand, urgently needed innovations to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

On the other hand, painfully slow progress through seemingly insurmountable obstacles

Then came Corona: A Complication and a New Possibility!

Through Corona, Mother Nature has shown us what is going to happen if we continue to ignore her ground rules. 

Corona; Phenomena, SDGs

Mother Nature has also shown us a way out

The lost abilities of recognizing Phenomena and applying Phenomena knowledge moved to the center of decision making. As this provided reliable foundations for making decisions, lost trust in governments was restored in various countries and in no time. 

The same phenomena occurred and continue to occur in organizations, at system levels and in science. That is without this being recognized (= changeable root cause). The exponential growth has happened. The solution possibility from applying phenomena knowledge is huge.  

Today, it is possible to eliminate the unnecessary bureaucracy and complexity at their root cause. Productive people do not have to be laid off to finance the unproductive costs. Urgently needed innovations can get through the system again. 

A Way Out

Innovation, Ideas, Goals, Performance, Success, SDG-impact

Pressing business needs

Urgent global needs 

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” (Albert Einstein)

But how do we know what works well in today’s complex and constantly changing world? 

From re-discoving practices like:

Listening to lessons learned and how exceptional results were achieved

Learning to recognize phenomena and the practices they provide

Hidden root causes of highest damage for the wider level  telling where to intervene

A few guidelines

A few guidelines enabling us to navigate straight to the high-impact solutions in today's world


Prevent phrases, actions, decisions and projects telling target audiences “something is not right here!” 

Symptoms are treated

Their root causes remain unsolved (White Paper).

Phenomena occur,

but they are overlooked or neglected.

We look up to Einstein, Newton and Darwin, their out-of-the-box thinking and the simple rules they identified this way.

Even when out-of-the-box innovations are called for, they must still be processed and implemented with in-the-box practices. 

See also the Einstein quote above

Complex matters are split into supposedly manageable parts.

Nobody feels responsible for the root causes located outside these parts.

Nobody feels responsible for ensuring the whole works.

Definitions, numbers, and linear processes are required for making decisions. 

In complex environments, countless situations cannot be defined nor expressed through numbers or linear processes. 

With the requirement at the left, critical information is overlooked or neglected. Making the wrong decisions has become a structural matter. 


Apply practices having shown their value in the field

Solving the most damaging root causes in the wider environment first.

Phenomena are recognized. Their practices are applied. 


Corona, Phenomena, Exponential Growth, Tipping Point, Capacity Bottlenecks

Practices Einstein, Newton and Darwin would apply are complementary practices.


When the challenge is complex: integral solutions


Is there another solution providing a better value at a fraction of the costs and risks? 

Applying the enhanced Goal Oriented Project Planning (eGOPP) method 

Using Patterns, information, experiences, and natural process flows where definitions, numbers, and linear processes (must) fail.  


Bridge the gap between the groups involved: by co-creation

Those suffering – experts by experience – experts by education – decision makers and their advisors


Integrate the guidelines above into the daily decision making 

This enabling agile yet reliable decision making at all levels.

Free access to fresh insights

What would Einstein, Newton and Darwin do? 

A high-speed innovation track for high-impact innovations

How we can make root cause treatment work again

And more

Enabling Agile Decision Making for all levels

Only five lowest-effort / highest-impact elements